Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Thoughts From Paris -- About a Man Who Ate a Cat Whisker

There are apparently SKILLIONS of humor blogs out there and, given my personal success and acclaim where I average about 20 hits per day OR per week, depending, I want to promote one that caught my eye.  It is called Thoughts From Paris and you can find it  here

I was especially moved by the author's post about consuming a cat whisker.  He even posted an image of the whisker in question.  And then -- there were no additional images of the whisker, proving he had, in fact, ingested it.

This has caused me to revisit his blog, and even watch some of his podcasts.

Podcasts impress me deeply.  It is a form of technology that involves many things I like to think I could be good at under hypnosis:  wearing effective eye makeup, finding my 'good side' and using only it, remaining within camera-frame. . . by sitting still, and having something interesting to say.

This last podcast feature is most troublesome to me.  DJ at Thoughts From Paris is pretty darned good at being interesting.

A lot of teachers?  Not so much.

I had teaching colleagues who were excellent at producing uninteresting podcasts for their students to watch and I was always uncertain how this enhanced learning.  Is this not just an additional lecture steeped in narcissism, destined to fulfill the professional development goal of 'integrating technology into the classroom'?

Being forced to use a Smartboard and create podcasts essentially forced me out of teaching in the first place and into ... well.  Blogging isn't really 'technology' is it?

Anyway, now that I have purchased several Mother Of The Groom dresses and Mother's Day is over, I really have nothing else to do except promote someone else's blog and book *(a collection of posts edited by volunteers, entitled, Holy Crap I'm Bathing In A Rose) AND to note that, this weekend, I am flying to Omaha to promote one of my STUDENTS!

MAX WALLACK and his project The Bed Bug Detecting Device is being reviewed by a panel of judges that includes Warren Buffett.  Max and I are actually having LUNCH with Warren, so I will have much to post about next week.

In the meantime, go hang out on Thoughts From Paris while I look for something to wear to Omaha this weekend.