Friday, May 3, 2013

Cannot BELIEVE 'The Bleat' was already taken!

Oh! Let me introduce you to the vegan logo for the Bleat!  This is an organization formed to promote the vegan lifestyle, although why it is named for onomatopoeia made by an animal many carnivores INGEST, I do not know.

Naturally, they launched the Bleat, its logo, website and all of its many legal protections the day before yesterday.

So I guess my own personal version of The Tweet cannot be called The Bleat.

I DO, however, deeply admire and promote vegan lifestyles of all ilk -- not elk -- and other forms of manichaeism and ascetic flagellation.

 One of my three daughters-in-law is a vegan and her culinary artistry has awakened a palate I knew naught that I possessed!  Often, we have Meat-Offs vs Vegan-Offs and I swear I am not lying to you when I say that her Swedish Meatballs made of tahini and sin... are FAR superior to the kind I make from Bleat Meat.

 So go forth, Non-Followers of my blog and my Twitter Tweets, and investigate the vegan BLEAT ... while I go in search of a different logo for my ...BLEETS.