Friday, May 3, 2013

Is Tweeting Like a Cult?

Okay, so in the process of joining 'twitter' which my publicist advised me to do to 'get more blog exposure' ...  the Twitter Instructions  instructed me to allow them access to my gmail contacts.

I only said yes as a social experiment.  I have repeatedly explained to you that one of my degrees is in sociology.

The rejections are pouring in.  This is just like being a writer!

My husband's was the first, and he simply wrote to me, "No thanks."

That is when I realized Twitter is very much like a cult:  They convince you that being a member will enhance your social and professional networking opportunities leading to fame and the ability to pay for cat litter.  ALLLL the people you know who are locked inside your secret gmail account could very well suffer the same devastating anome and low self-esteem as you.

All so we can "FOLLOW" me ... and each other.

Does that not sound cult-like?

I already love every part of this.

I am expecting to be de-friended on facebook by everyone and for my gmail contacts to get new accounts and not let me know what their new addresses are.

But for a while ... I will at least get email. :) YAY.

Was this more than 40 characters??  Then it was not an official Bleat.